On Call Physicians

Physicians ready for 24/7 service

On-call Physicians can provide any services deemed necessary to the individuals. Their duty is to make sure that the individual is happy and in their best health.

Home Health Care & Physical Therapy

Providing health care and physical therarpy

There will be a health care program provided by the establishment for the applicable individuals residing at St.Josephmanor. Our staff and onsite physicians will provide the best physical therapy there is to offer to satisfy the needs of the individual.


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Hospices care

Hospices companies of families choce. Or faculty suggested companies.

You will be able to assign the Hospice company of your choosing. There will also be suggestions on the top Hospice companies there is to offer. We are also providing the list of top / best Hospices companies in South East Michigan.

Secured Entrance

Best safety provided at the establishment,

Our top priority is the safety of every individual residing at the establishment so it is our job to provide 24/7 surveillance and round the clock safety for our people living at St.Josephmanor.

Private Rooms

All rooms are private.

Privacy is the key to happiness for everyone. We will insure that every individual will be provided private rooms to feel at home and have their own space.

3 Acre Campus

Enjoy the nature and space

There is a vast amount of spacious land for the perfect outdoor activities such as walking, jogging or to just relax out in the open underneath the sky. A beautiful gazeebo is also provided for a comfortable experience out in the open.

Spacious Dinning Rooms ( with home-cooked meals)

Food and Dining

Healthy hoom cooked meals will be provided to each individual who will be served hot healthy and tasty food you can enjoy in our spacious hassle free dining rooms which is avaialbe for everyone.

Movie Theater in our Activities Rooms

Provided entertainment

There will be movie nights every week with entertaining movies available to watch.

Exercise, Arts & Crafts Program

Excercise and health

It is important for each individual to be healthy and fit along with taking part in relaxing activities such as arts and craft. There will be a program available for excercise and for arts and crafts which will have each individual engaged in a fun activity during their day.

Chapel, Games Room, Parlors

Large chapel in the home, everyone has access

There is a chapel available on the grounds of our home where everyone can access as a place of worship and a place to relax. There is game rooms where individuals will be able to relax and play board games with each other. A parlor is also present at the home.

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Beauty Salon & Barber Shop

Every individual deserves to look and feel their best

Every person deserves to look and feel their best regardless of their age, that’s why we have a barbershop and a beauty salon ready on our establishment for everyone to look and feel their best. 8 parlors are available on every floor

Located within minutes of St. John Hospital and Beaumont Grosse Pointe Hospital

Nearby treatment facilities

We are purposely located near 2 hospitals, for there may be any emrgency that occurs with our visitors at all times. they will be transported with ease to the hospital as fast as possible.